Tips To Buy Velvet Throw Pillows

The idea of decorating or redecorating one’s old or new house is very exciting and requires lots of extensive planning. There are many useful ways to perform this job, one of them, is done by using ‘throw’ pillows or the ‘toss’ pillows. These pillows are used mainly for the decoration purpose and providing a new, extraordinary look to the otherwise dull days and the monotony of your life. There are many kinds of materials and styles available for this purpose. Here are some helpful tips on how to buy the most comfortable, appropriate velvet throw pillows of all the time.

  • Decorating With These Pillows

Once the buyers get the information about the kinds of materials or the ideal size one should look for to suit the decorating purpose, it is a cakewalk to get these things. If the color shade, light setting, places are in sync, then the rooms look beautiful. You can put these pillows on sofa sets, deck chairs and so on. The right kind of throw pillow is exquisite at adding a fresh look to the house.  You can go through the internet to gather information regarding this job or ask other experienced people. There are various websites, to provide you valuable information too.

  • Choosing The Best Kind

To select the best kind of throw pillow, buyers need to decide, exactly what kind of look they want to get. Depending on that, there can be either big, solid-colored throw pillows or the smaller ones. If you want a funky look to your room, you can opt for quirky shaped pillows. It is important to decide on the color pattern too. While decorating, it is best to remember that the color and shape of the pillows must complement the entire room. If there is a case of a mismatch, the whole look can be utterly devastating.



Top Three Ways to Pick Throw Pillows for your Home

belinda-morangeIf you look around, you will find many different varieties of throw pillows to choose from. Whether it is for your living room or your bedroom, you can pick from the many different size, design and pattern of throw pillows. By changing your throw pillows, you can easily change the look of your house without having to invest a lot. Buy, picking throw pillows needs skills. Here are three different options to help you make the process much easier –

Symmetrical – One of the best ways to pick pillows for your sofa is through the symmetrical way. You can pick 2 of the same large size, 2 of medium size and 1 small pillow for the middle. You need to make sure that there is a mixture of texture and solid, for example, you can pick the small one to be velvet throw pillow for the pop of texture. You can pick the larger ones with large prints while the mediums ones with small prints.

Asymmetrical – While going the asymmetrical way can be a lot of fun, you need to make sure that it fits well and do not looks odd. You can start by picking two large size throws that are similar size and print. The remaining medium ones and the small ones can be of different shape, color or print.  It is best to select a color scheme depending on the color of your sofa and then pick the throw pillows.


Decorating Tips for your Room with the Right Throw Pillow

Belinda-GoldHave you ever walked into a room and noticed the amazing way throw pillows pull together the whole design? Whether it’s your living room, garden room or even your bedroom, the right throw pillows are perfect accent pieces that lend a fresh and elegant vibe to any decor with great ease while simultaneously being very easy on your pocket. What is great about them is that they are not only perfect adornments but have a terrific purpose as well. They play a very important role in heightening up the comfort factor. Let’s look into few decorating tips to transform any living space:-

Shape and size

If appearance is your top priority, throw pillows provide you with endless possibilities. The size of the throw pillows you require would depend on the sofa or the area where you want to decorate it. The standard throw pillow size for a standard sofa is about 18 inches. However, if you wish to just toss them in a side basket for easy grabbing, going for 24 inches or higher can be heavenly. Creating an edged look with increasing or decreasing sizes of throw pillows can actually look quite edgy.

Shapes too have a very important role to play. The usual square and rectangular shapes look elegant and make for deep seating and that extra comfort factor. A clever mix of shapes and sizes can greatly alter the visual vibe and style of a room. You can easily use the same set to create various visuals and change decor almost on a weekly basis with the same set of throw pillows.

Fabrics and textures

They provide another scope of terrific experimentation. Playing with various fabrics and textures make for terrific accents. Pairing velvet throw pillows with satin ones can lend the extra glamour and oomph to any room. However, when you wish to sit on them, cotton fabrics are the most comfortable ones.


Designs and patterns are other terrific aspects to play with. Generally, it’s best to stick with solid colours for the large throw cushions and use patterns and prints in smaller ones to eliminate the too busy or distracting look.

Velvet Throw – A Simple Solution to Decorate your Home

A beautiful home paves way for a calm and fresh mind. With velvet throw, enhancement of the overall appeal of the interior area of the house becomes quite an easy and creative task. Every nook and corner of the house has its own charisma and no big addition or elimination is required to bring about an overall change in the atmosphere. Following are the changed which will help in adding instant beauty to the house:



Simply adding a change in the color of the accessory serves all purposes. Cushions are the centerpieces of attraction and are available in various vibrant shades to serve all moods and atmosphere. Be it a jazzy shade for a party mode, a subtle hue for days of relaxation, or a combination of both, cushion colors play a major role in adding to the ambience. Various prints and marked cushions are also available which not only expressing the current mood status, but may also define one’s personality by reflecting the type of imprint on the surface.


From giant hugging bear kinds of small resting cushions, all of them have their own luxury feel and comfort. Often the size determines the mood status. On a rainy or a lazy day, nothing serves better than the body hugging or resting on a huge sized cushion with mugs of coffee. The overall appearance of the room can be imagined to be nothing less than magnificent. Playing with the size of the cushions can indeed bring about changes which may contribute in addition of a new look.


The material of the décor material I of utmost importance and cannot be ignored. Temperature and weather conditions determine the overall indoor décor of a place. While on a sunny day, one may prefer a light cotton fabric with a mild soft feel, a heavy faux fur or velvet material may be preferred on a winter evening. The richness of the interior often depends upon the material of the decoration articles used. The overall feel of the fabric proved contentment and adds to the beauty and appeal.

Shape and Design

The same old pattern can turn out to be boring. Sprucing up the sofa with new geometrical patterns can be fun. In kids’ area, several shapes and sizes of cushions can be combined together to add to the funky look. Designs include various wild end experiments, including animal print, carton print, nature print or several self personalized prints. A perfect combination of design and shape can turn a dead room alive.

A pile of cushions can play tremendous role in enhancing room décor. Whether be a meditation mode, party mode, study mode or simply a coffee made on a lazy day, cushions are vital and can bring about a positive toll on the body, mind and soul. Hence, choosing a perfect match for the lazy chair and sofa has become an art and a trending fashion statement. Small changes bring about greater results leading to overall contentment and adding beautiful wonders.

Buying Guide For Throw Pillows – What You Need To Know

When it comes to buy accent pillows or throw pillows, it is a fun thing to do for sure, but it can also be a tricky one. Since there are so many different designs available in the market, both online and offline, you are sure to be confused as to what to buy, and what not to. Knowing what to avoid is a great way to start at first, and this starts by deciding which are the few colour choices that you have that goes with the room and furniture colour.

Make sure to find some inspiration from the objects that are placed in the room, so that the throw pillows look well aligned from the decorative point of view. The colour palette should be carefully considered, so that the throw pillows are of colours that complement the surrounding, colour of the room, and that of the furniture.

The texture and design of the throw pillows you buy would also make a lot of difference in the overall outlook, so make sure to decide on that after carefully visualising how it would look on your bed, sofa or chair, for whichever place you are buying throw pillows for. In terms of material, there are velvet throw pillows available and also in leather, cotton, silk and other materials. The cost of the throw pillows varies accordingly as well, but in general, cotton throw pillows are commonly used.

The shape of the throw pillows should also be considered, and while square are the most common, there are rectangular and circular shaped throw pillows available too. These pillows work all the same, but circular one can help provide lumbar support, while square and rectangular ones are used to make the bed or sofa feel more cosy and comfortable.

When purchasing throw pillows, do not hesitate to experiment a bit with the design, patterns and texture. Mixing the patterns and designs would help you tremendously with uplifting the look of your home, and also give it a modern look. This is because it is in trend these days to use contrasting colours and mixing patterns with solids and designs with stripes and vice versa.

Throw pillows you buy must also be fluffy and comfortable and must not be too hard. It would make it difficult to use them otherwise, and also the comfort factor won’t be there. Buying online is a good idea because it would help you choose from many different varieties and at a good price, without having to overspend.