Creative Ways to Decorate a Teen Girl’s Bedroom

Every teen girl loves to have her bedroom decorated stylishly while flaunting her personal choices, tastes, and even her personality! You can achieve this creatively without exorbitant cost while making the entire decoration fun all the way. It may carry a theme or be a nice assortment of mismatches to ooze a perfect imperfect vibe! Few innovative ideas for it are –

• Adding a canopy over the beds and adding light to it will not only create the magic of a princes’s room but will also be extremely functional and illuminate her bed well to read in bed just before retiring.

Pom pom cushions are a perfect addition to any young girl’s bed. They ooze a romantic, flirtatious and fun vibe while are extremely handy as additional support, to add some dramatic effect and just shriek about the young girl’s playful nature.

• Let the room make a stylish statement with lovely painted votives arranged on any shelf or even above the bed. Adding a candle or LED flames to it will enhance it dreamy, romantic vibe!

• Geometric pattern curtains are a perfect choice for any girl’s bedroom. They look fun without being chaotic and allow you plenty of flexibility in decorating the rest of the room.

• Mason jars are an awesome idea to use in her bathroom. Not only would it give her plenty of space to place all her toiletries but they look extremely adorable and chic.

• A folding screen can be a wonderful camouflage to the study area while making for a perfect item to make the room feel complete. It would be the right piece to take from old movies where girls used the screen for changing and bathing purpose.

• Give one of its walls a bold, dramatic color like blue, purple, red, maroon, etc. You can then decorate it with end number of items like photographs, wall hangings, picture frames, etc.

Across the curtains or on more innovative ways, the girl’s favorite memory photographs can be hanged in string lights or plain strings. They look extremely becoming and unique.


Renovate and Lend New Life to Your Living Room with Cushions

Our living room stands as a testimony of our personality and our taste to all those visiting our house. For all family members it is the place for all to gather and spend some utterly relaxing and quality time together. Thus the room must always be bright and cheerful. It also requires a change after some time to break the monotony and boredom. While changing furniture is not an option due to the high cost involved, the same can be achieved through various cushions, like throw cushions, pom pom cushions, seating cushions, decorative cushions etc. Let’s get some tips and tricks of giving your living room a new personality through highly affordable cushions –

Modern Look

Cushions are a terrific medium to add both color and texture to your living room. If your sofas have matching cushion, it’s time to add your master stroke to it. You can keep the matching color pattern but add texture to it with various cushion covers of the same material. Opting for pom pom covers, covers with frills, pleats and all other interesting textures can be added to create a highly appealing visual interest radiating warmth and personality. Else you can play with colors patterns sizes to create interesting patterns. For instance get a pair of solid cushions and pair them with patterned ones and probably add a pom pom in the middle. Playing with geometric patterns and even fabrics can lend a very artistic and sleek look to your living room!

Playing with shapes and sizes

Ensure that you are not purchasing all cushions with same size and shape since they will surely end up looking clinical and utterly boring! With cushions in varying shapes and sizes an interesting asymmetrical edge can be given to the living room décor. They can also be used in pairs to lend a very sophisticated but traditional sense of symmetry and order. Try taking odd numbers of pillows and lend them an eclectic look with few odd pillows arranged asymmetrically, the sky is the limit for your innovation.

The florals

Floral prints are the best way to add color, life and vibrancy to the interior décor. They work terrific with just about anything. You can easily combine them with solids, patterns and even with themselves. No matter how varied the floral prints are, they never clash with each other and always complement each other in varied ways. Decorating with the can be safe and great fun.

Uses of various types of cushions

Cushions are not restricted to sofas alone! Large square or round pieces can be thrown in front of the sofa and used as seating cushions for a card game or a carom board session! Throw pillows can be stacked just for the fun of throwing. It may also eliminate the need of an art piece to be placed! Changing the orientation of the cushions can also lend a terrific new and fresh vibe to your living room!

Once the art is mastered, you can continually impress everyone with your panache!

How To Find The Right Cushions For Your Home?

Finding the right cushion can be a bit tricky, because cushion comes in endless styles and designs. When you go to buy cushions in the market, you would be overwhelmed by the amount of choices you come across. Starting from pompom cushions to designer laced cushions, and of different shapes and sizes, you can find just about any kind of cushion you want for your bed, chair or sofa.

Cushion a great add-ons for any sofa, chair or bed, and not only they help in adding elegance to the entire décor through their unique design and colours, but are also comfortable and functional to say the least.

The process of searching for the right cushion starts from understanding for what you need cushion for, whether it is your sofa, bed, chair or ottoman. Once that is done, you need to carefully evaluate the décor of the room where the cushions would be place. Finding the cushion of colours and patterns that stands in contrast yet is appealing and matching aesthetically is essential to add to the elegance of the premise and décor overall. Here are the few things you need to look into when buying cushions –


The designs available in cushions these days is simply endless, and you would never be able to check all of them out. Whether you are buying online or offline, the cushions comes in many different designs, starting from solids colour to floral pattern and from geometrical designs to kids’ popular character and much more. Make sure that you choose the design that goes well with the rest of the furniture.


The colour of the cushion you buy is probably the most important criteria. It has to be well-aligned with the rest of the room’s furniture. Choose the colour of the best piece of your furniture and buy accordingly. It would match, as well as look contrasting with the rest.


The size of the cushion you buy should not overwhelm the size of the furniture where you would be putting it, whether it is your sofa, bed or chair. It should look as a perfect fit, which should not be too big for it, and neither extremely small.


Starting from floral pattern to pom pom cushions and from rectangular, square and round cushions, you would get cushions of different shapes and patterns.

These are the few things you would have to look into carefully to make the right decision as to what to buy. There are many online sites selling a wide variety of cushions, and checking those out would help you find the right cushion for your home, without having to go anywhere, while also getting a bargain deal.

Add Spunk to the Home Decor with Cushions

A home is everybody’s dream and every homemaker puts all her passions and labour into it to create a functional space that is aesthetically appealing and beautiful and cheerful to look at. Cushions or throw pillows are quite a useful item to add spunk to any décor and enhance its comfortability and cheerful and happy vibe! Whenever the need or itch to change the décor of any house or room arises, cushions can be the cheapest way to lift the mood as well as enhance the warmth quotient of it. They add the most stylish finishing touches to any room. Let’s glimpse through some arguments as to why cushions are a must add to any home décor:-


A terrific and interesting array of colours can be introduced into any decor either in a complimenting or a contrasting manner without it looking like loud or boisterous. Often the costly and immovable decor furniture are not taken in bold or string colours as they do not blend well with everything and may not look tasteful at all times. Selling them or replacing them can be a costly affair. However, strong and bold colour accents can safely be introduced to the room decor to add the right spunk. The best thing is that one can easily change them or replace them if they are not looking stylish or one gets bored with it as they are quite cheap and affordable to change and replace.

Size and shape

Today cushions are available in almost all imaginable sizes, right from small scatter cushions to huge XXL ones. Using various sizes can add a great depth to any room and lend it an interesting landscape. This is often made more interesting by introducing various colours, textures, and even patterns. For instance using pom pom cushions on solid base can add a definitive style and texture to enhance the decorative quotient. Along with the sizes the shape can also be played with. Today, these are not only made in traditional geometric shapes like square, rectangular and circle but also in varied other irregular shapes like hearts, flowers and even lips. Playing with both shape and size exclusively can definitely add a style statement which one cannot ignore.


The pattern of any cushion is something that demands instant attention of any visitor and stands out as a prominent style feature. Various patterns can be tastefully paired Else the common approach is mixing patterned cushions with solid colour ones. Today a plethora of patterned cushions are available right from floral to pop-arts to stripes or geometrical patterned. However, these look best when the same colour theme or colour combination pattern is followed.

Cushions have become the top affordable choice for any homemakers to play and experiment with and add character, personality and life to any room on a frequent basis.