Importance of Using and Selecting the Best Oven Gloves

Irrespective of whether you are a diehard baker or a novice at baking, oven gloves are a mandatory piece of equipment. To prevent yourself from any burns and accidental falling of hot utensils, you need a sturdy piece of gloves like the Aga oven gloves.

Importance of wearing oven gloves

Baking activities are inherently strenuous, and oven gloves can be the handiest and essential equipment available. This is because of several factors like –

• Gloves protect your hand from the heat of the oven. If you are not wearing these gloves while taking out or inserting the baking trays, you are sure to scorch your hands which can be quite unpleasant and painful.

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What are the Benefits of Using Oven Gloves? – Learn Some Facts

Fliss-Gold2-408x408When do you require oven gloves? – Learn about some of the situations

These days, most of us will require an oven because we all love easy cooking. However, whenever a meal is prepared, the tray gets extremely hot from the high temperatures inside the oven. That is why, you are required to have an object which will help you in taking out the stuff so that you do not burn yourself. Oven gloves come in handy in such situations.

They make sure that you do not burn your hand when taking out the tray from the oven. There are various kinds of oven gloves out there. However, the best so far is considered to be Aga oven gloves, which is a double-sided glove for extra convenience. Such gloves are available in a variety of materials and designs. You can choose the one which you like the most.


Tips on How to Clean Oven Mitts

Oven gloves are designed as a protective gear. In order to protect the hands, the manufacturers of the gloves, use durable as well as protective nylon or silicon along with gentle and soft fabrics, such as, cotton and terry cloth and so on. Keeping these gloves clean can be really problematic. There are times when the gloves can easily get stains while holding the bowl of food. Apart from the food items, vapour, grease, oil can also soil the gloves. If you do not want its colour to fade away, it’s better to be washed by bare hands with gentle fabric softener.

Things You Need For Cleaning Mitts

There are a couple of things which one needs for washing gloves, such as, measuring cups, a large size plastic bowl, fabric softener or some gentle detergent, pieces of white rags, pins for the clothes, other utensils.

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A Guide to Purchasing Oven Gloves

Hot items are handled with oven gloves. The food industry is blooming with the increasing demand in the area of the bakery where oven is the most important equipment. Aga oven gloves ensure safe handling of hot objects with ease and perfection. The temperature of the oven varies from industry to industry; some uses lower temperatures and some use extremely high ones ranging from 450 to 500 degree Celsius, apt for particular food items. Hence the following guide can be followed before purchasing an oven glove –

Identify the Need

The temperature that needs to be handled must be known before purchasing an oven glove. They come in two major varieties, the gloves and the mitts. Gloves have different sections for every finger and provide ease and comfort. On the other hand, mitts do not have a specific compartment for each of the fingers, but are great for using at higher temperature. This ensures using and gripping of hot objects and do not allow heat to flow into the hands. They are made up of flexible material with a separate thumb space, ensuring grip and secure hold of the hottest objects.


The size of the oven glove has to be kept in mind before purchasing one. Hand size varies and if a larger or a smaller size is purchased, there may be insufficient grip leading to major accidents and burns. Hence a good measure size of the palm should be matched with the size of the glove, dealing with hot objects and high temperature is a risky affair and utmost precaution is mandatory. The thumb size and the spacing between the fingers also vary in some of the gloves. This affects the quality of handling and gripping the hot objects. Any negligence will lead to great traumas


Quality is one issue that cannot be ignored and any negligence will definitely lead to unwanted consequences. . Oven gloves come in various qualities. They range from cheap quality materials to fine and multilayered product. Cheap ones will ensure heat protection, but up to a certain temperature after which they will have insufficient; layering and will allow conduction of heat. On the other hand, the good quality ones are resistant to heat and provide great insulation from heat at high temperatures. Teflon is one of the best materials. It increases the resistance to higher temperature and is ideal for use at bakeries of food industries. With great quality, follows great comfort and greater security.


Every appliance is a development of science and is designed for ease and comfort. Using proper handling techniques is advisable. Proper oven gloves are mandatory while dealing with oven and other equipments demanding temperature change. Using of home tools like tea towels can prove dangerous and can threaten life to some extent. Burn injuries and accidents are common affair due to improper grip and conduction of heat. A proper resistance to high temperature can only be provided by a good quality oven glove. Safety is one essential tool and all necessary instructions must be followed thoroughly.

Benefits Of Using Oven Gloves And Why You Should Use It

Oven gloves are used around the world, whether it is a restaurant kitchen, bakery, confectionary, or home kitchen. Oven gloves of many different materials are also available, as well as designs. People have vast choices these days when it comes to oven gloves. The good thing about this is that people do not have to worry about the safety of their hands when using oven gloves. The oven gloves are so made that the heat of the heated bowl or pan taken out from the oven does not injure the hands of the person taking it out.

Oven gloves also makes it easier to handle these heated pans, because with wrong covering of hand, not only the person can suffer from severe burns but may also risk the falling of the dish they just cooked, resulting in disappointment and mess. The best part about using aprons and aga oven gloves is that they also add fashion to your cooking experience. As aprons and oven gloves come in variety of styles, designs, fabrics, and patterns, you can choose the style that suits you and make cooking much more fun for yourself.

This is especially true when guests are coming over at your house. Using a design apron or oven gloves would definitely catch the eyes of the guests, and will definitely impress as well as find some compliments for your taste. Make sure that the oven gloves you are buying is not only good to look at, but also is thick enough or made of heat resistant material such as neoprene to ensure no burns or injury.

Some of the oven gloves made in the market are too thick and sometimes this may lead to difficulty in handling the hot pans you take out from the oven. However, by using the oven gloves that are available these days, which are not that thick or bulky, it becomes easier to handle these pans and gives you a good grip. It is essential that you do your research and then buy the oven gloves, so that you land on the right product.

There are many different types of oven gloves and oven mitts available these days. Thankfully, you can buy all these kinds online from the comfort of your home. The size and other measurements and specifics are mentioned on the site, so that you are able to make the right decision as per your own requirements.

Generally, neoprene, cotton and silicone are the three variety popular among the people. They all come with their own characteristics, and while cotton gloves are bulky and thick, other two variants are not that thick and also easy to use. However, cotton aga oven gloves come in many more designs than other two variants. So, choose wisely after carefully considering all options.

Top 5 oven gloves perfect to handle hot dishes

Cooking under extreme oven heat necessitates maximum protection. There is no other better way to attain this by spending in the bets oven gloves. Though they come in simple designs, picking the best one is perhaps a great challenge. It needs you to consider several factors that may be pretty time consuming. In order to avoid such inconveniences, the whole process is simplified here to make it easy for you to choose the best oven gloves.

Aga oven gloves

You should be safe while handling with hot dishes in kitchen and it is due to this reason; it is preferable to buy aga oven gloves. This particular oven gloves come featured with several characteristics comparable to other traditional oven gloves. The gauntlet style of oven gloves indicates that your complete arm up to elbow portion is covered, while protecting you from the dangers of the oven while manipulating the hot dishes. The aga oven glove is featured with ideal print in taupe and the design is completed with an exquisite but subtle background. The palms portion of the glove are plain that contrast with floral print. The crocodile mouth of this oven glove offers you a comfortable and proper grip without any peril of burning yourself. Some of the features of aga branded oven gloves are,


Oven Gloves-A Kitchen Essential you Cannot do Without

Occasional cooks may handle hot objects using pot holders or any of kitchen rags but any serious cook cannot do without the very best Aga oven gloves. These are insulated gloves adorned by any kitchen worker to protect his/her hands from hot objects like ovens, stoves, hot cookware etc. These are not like normal mittens or gloves worn to protect from cold but are made from heavy duty heat-resistant materials which have high insulating power to protect the hands and fingers from heat and any potential burns. These are great not only for handling hot cookware directly from the oven but also from any accidental contact with hot ovens and stoves. They however, cannot provide protection against open flames or hot liquids.

Oven gloves are also sometimes called oven mitts. Unlike a regular glove, these do not have individual space for fingers but one large space for entire hand and fingers and a separate pocket for thumb. Another variety available is one without any thumb space but having just a large pouch to accommodate the entire hand. The design and material is such that it provides much flexibility to the wearer to handle hot objects with great ease.

Another popular item is the double oven gloves. These have a long strip of insulated material capped at each end of the gloves. This not only protects hands and firearms but also the entire body part in between. The wearer can position the long strip of insulated material according to his need such he is protected against the edges of hot pan. These are terrific for handling very large and heavy hot pans because of their extra protection. Often these have a single pouch design.

Though these serve a very practical function, they can be quite stylish and attractive. A plethora of designs and prints like festive prints, vintage prints, and floral prints are available for all to choose from. Shoppers even have the choice to match it with their kitchen décor.

As stated earlier, these are manufactured from a number of materials. An average home maker may find ones made of cotton utterly comfortable and well adept to meeting her requirements. Their outside is quilted with heavy weight cotton layers. The heat insulation inside is also of cotton which is fabricated into thick terry cloth. These can easily be washed in home when dirty and often have variety of bright colors, design, style, patterns etc. They normally have a separate thumb space.

Gloves you need in kitchen

Aga Oven Gloves are used to protect hands from heat of aga stoves and oven and their hot utensils. At ragged rose, one can find oven gloves, double oven gloves and aga gloves in all variety of colours and patterns. These are best gloves you will ever get who serve as a perfect combination of safety and beauty.

Oven gloves available at the ragged roses are made entirely from cotton and are very comfortable while being used in kitchen. They are diamond quilt stitched with British standard approved inner thermal lining and polyester filling in order to maintain the security perspective of the gloves. They are machine washable and also come with a hanging loop. This hanging loops helps you keep them in a safe place so that they can be easily fetched whenever the need arises. The gloves at the ragged rose have beautiful flowers on them and are available with or without frills. They come in various colour combinations from colours like white, pink, purple, gold, lime, red and buck egg blue. The usual size in which they are available is 33 cm x 17 cm.

Other type of gloves which are available at the ragged rose are double oven gloves. Double oven gloves, the name itself suggests that they are two gloves, one for each hand, in one strap. Even they are diamond quilt stitched with British standard approved inner thermal lining and polyester filling in order to maintain the security perspective of the gloves. Also, even they are made entirely from cotton and are machine washable. Their usual size is 85 cm x 17 cm. Even though they are double gloves, they are considerably light in weight and come with hanging loops for easy handling. At ragged rose they come in patterns with beautiful flowers and various colour combinations from colours like gold, pink, purple, red, duck egg blue and white.

Aga gloves are longer than oven gloves and thus are meant to protect the hand from finger to all the way up to the elbow. This longer length is for extra protection while cooking. Even they are diamond quilt stitched with British standard approved inner thermal lining and polyester filling in order to maintain the security perspective of the gloves. Also, even they are made entirely from cotton. The usual size in which they are available at the ragged rose is 42 cm x 17 cm. At rugged rose are available in patterns with flowers, stripes and stars.

All of these gloves are machine washable at 30 to 40 degrees and using non-bio detergent for them is recommended by the experts. Various other household things like table cloth and towels can be matched with these gloves to give the room a holistic, festive and warm feeling. The gloves of all of these aforementioned glove types are approved by British Standards.

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