3 Bedroom Décor Ideas with Purple Cushions to Make an Exotic Statement

Bedrooms are meant to be a solaceful retreat from your busy work life. It’s a place where you can de-stress yourself and embrace the cosiness which surrounds your sleeping space. With so much importance attached to it, it’s only natural that you create a cocoon of calmness and contentment. Experimenting with natural tones, playing with textures or presenting an eclat appeal with natural wood; these are all great ideas but incomplete. You may think what could you be missing out. Presto – you forget to add the perfect punch of purple cushions!

Yes, to create dreamy bedrooms with regal shades, cushions having extravagant textures of damson and aubergine work wonders. They stimulate your senses and instill drama inside your bedroom.

purple cushions

If you are thinking of saving money, then having purple cushion again prove to be great additives. The colour associates with wealth and also exudes an exotic and opulent statement.

Some fresh ideas from designers to use purple bolsters in your bedroom

1. Mix Purple with Blush:

A superb combination. For any bedroom, mixing damson pillows with lilac pink cushions proves to be a wonderful combination. Incorporating both male and female appeal inside your sleeping space, you can also think of adding an Aida Patchwork Bedspread duck egg spread to your bed layer. That would account for a bolder bedroom appeal.

2. How about Purple with Patterns?

Another idea is mixing purple velvet pillows with floral cover bed linen set. Some good options could be black sets, pink and white roses set and floral cover sets. This will bring about a tropical theme to your bedroom and make resting all the more enjoyable.

3. Lavish purple pillows with a graphic aubergine paint effect:

Welcome a pile of purple pillows with deep purple painting to create that hunker down vibe. This rich colour plum brings about an appealing depth if you are looking for a trad with a twist décor scheme. Marry all this with a beautiful floral patchwork bed sheet to create a more soothing glow and a more enveloping feeling.

These are some fresh bedroom décor ideas with purple pillows that you can try out. Each of these décor items is available in reputable home décor websites. Plus, if you think of the expense, then don’t, as items at online stores are available at standard prices.

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