Tips on Styling your Home with Cushions

What is your idea of a lazy Sunday? Lying on the couch with a bestseller and your favorite music? Well, you missed out on something – the couch, it should be cozy enough. And for that it needs the best cushions. That’s not all, cushions can give a statement to any corner in your home. So, the next time you plan a party, remember you still have the right to splurge but not on your interior decor! Here are some tips on how your very own cushions set up in order can bring color to your drab living room.


Get the perfect match for your room

Make sure that the color or the combination you choose for your cushions should go with your room’s color tone. Pink walls and a silver or grey sofa can be given a colorful look with bold red cushions. A brown cushion near an orange lampshade will look great. An aqua cushion looks best at the swimming pool. Try avoiding discordance with colors in your room, but don’t let your guests cry out: Same Pinch!

Mind the color of the room

Keep the tone of your room neutral. The classic cream wall and black floor setup is a perfect canvas for experimenting with cushions. Red and blue cushions always give the classic look. A perfect combination could be black velvet cushions on a light grey sofa. A blue cushion with a peacock printed one can go well with light brown furniture. Brown or green colors give an earthier feel and would work well in men’s rooms. That having said, pink has outlasted itself as the girly color. Girls also love purple. A mix of orange and light brown with some stripes looks great on bright and sunny mornings.

Play with shapes

The square shaped pillow, the most common ever, is passé. If you really want to make over your room, forget the squares and try circle, triangle, flowers or teddies. And, if it doesn’t seem bizarre, you can even dare to use huge heart shaped ones! But try to contrast them with circled ones. A pink round cushion behind a red heart shaped one on a chocolate sofa will add fantasy to your evening. Kid’s rooms can have tree shaped cushions, they’ll love it.

Artistic prints are a good choice

Make something more than mix-and-match. You can actually contrast two different textures. Choose varying materials such as satin and fur or black velvet cushions with striped ones. Use two types of prints like floral with one with beautiful bird motifs. Floral and geometrical patterns go very well together. Light blue with an aqua cushion is again a great combination for the outdoor spaces.

It’s not just the lounge or the bedroom

Not just your living room or bedroom, you can have them even in your entrance hall. Windows can be used to get that extra space in your living room. Just put two large cushions and lo! It’s a window sofa. A blue mattress spread out on the living room looks wonderful with a mix of cyan and green cushions. You would not only increase sitting space but make your friends yearn to squat there.


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