How to Decorate your Home with Throw Pillows

Sprucing up your room need not burn your pocket. Go the cheaper way with throw pillows to get that splendid look for your lazy lounge and this is something interior designers swear by.  Also a good looking sofa lends some positive energy to your living room and sets it aside from your neighbors’.

Mix and match, but with the right colors

Colorful throw pillows with playful prints can do a lot in moderating the intense look of your leather sofa or give a dash of solid color to the wingback chair. A good color selection like a navy blue or bold red velvet throw pillow lends a character to the design of the room. But make sure the color of your pillow goes with the accent of the room. Find out the color that is common in the room.


The idea lies in how you align your throw pillows. Be careful with the number and always keep them in odd numbers. As for the color, don’t bother yourself too much. Only keep an eye on the combinations. Stay within the color family. A small pink one in front of a large red pillow gives a good color to the grey sofa.

Also play with the shapes of the pillows. You can alternate the round ones with the squares. Such a change in the grouping draws eyes. Use single round pillows on living room chairs.
Three patterns can be clubbed together, like two geometric patterns with a bold floral one. Here you can have two opposite colors.

Mind the Fabric

If you want to provide some richness to your lounge, just contrast those plush velvets and smooth silks with premium cowhides or faux furs. Mix floral prints with geometrical patterns.

Pillow Art

Textiles can be a good form of art, adding that drama and color. It is that perfect statement piece, a striped one with two floral ones. And don’t feel guilty splurging on something as little as a throw pillow (mind you it’s never that little). You can even try sewing up those little pieces of cloth in your wardrobe and make a pattern. This can be stitched carefully to your pillow. If you love doing up your home with readily available items, this is a good way to start.

Some more Quick Tips

Try avoiding pillows that come along with your furniture. They don’t have a contrast with the color tone of your room. If you can use only two pillows, then check that they are of different color. Also change the pattern. Use a small intricate pattern with one with a large pattern or even a plain one.

Learn how to store them

If you want to use throw pillows only if you have guests over then don’t just stack them up in a corner of that wardrobe. They will get stained. Use a beautiful wicker basket for storing them. You can also keep the basket in a corner of your living room, maybe behind the sofa. Pillows stay fresh and clean, at least till the next party!


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