How to Choose the Correct Cushion for Your Home

Today, cushions have become an ace tool to spice up the décor of any interior, be it your living room or bedroom. Since it is fairly inexpensive and extremely versatile, one can change it or play around with it to lend new accent and vibe to the décor. With such terrific advantages in mind, let’s look into a few of their types and which ones to purchase to best utilize them for maximum effect.


The location for which you are considering buying a cushion has an important bearing on the type of cushion you are purchasing. For instance, the pillow in the bed will be less exposed to the abuse than the ones in the living room. Again cushions in a house with children will face more wear and tear than the ones in the house without children. Hence it would decide on which type of cushions you would like to opt for. For instance, you might want a big round cushion for a chair to sit on but pom pom cushions might be your first priority in a children’s room.



Depending on the location and expected wear and tear, the material of the cushion can be selected. For instance the ones on the living room or the children’s room will be handed out handsome abuse by default. Hence washable cushions, preferably, machine wash ones will serve the purpose better. However, if one is using them as decorative purpose with less wear and tear, softer and finer fabrics like silk, lace, chiffon etc. can be used. The hand embroidered ones, embellished ones etc. can also be ideal here as they can really uplift the aesthetic aspect of the décor.

Size and shape

After the above two, this is the most serious consideration required. The size of the furniture, room, purpose, the décor in mind, the effect sought etc. all determine the size and shape of the cushion one needs to purchase. Beds look fantastic with long bolster cushions along with large accent pillows but sofas and armchairs should possibly have smaller cushions to leave space for a person to settle in and not get tossed on the floor.


The color palette is the next important consideration. Unless you actually wish to create a shocking effect, its best to stick to a color palette of two to three colors to lend a harmonious vibe to the entire décor. Further, it should complement or contrast the color of the furniture so that the overall, appearance and vibe are attractive.

Focal Point

Another major consideration is deciding if the cushions would become the focal point of the décor or whether it would be mixed and matched with varied other pillows in innovative ways to create an interesting aura. This would help you understand exactly what cushions you want and its quantity. You avoid doing impulse shopping and get the exact cushions required for the perfect look.

There are many other factors that can also come in play while selecting cushions like texture, budget, utility etc. Once the right cushions have been selected, it’s easier to arrange them for striking effects.


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