Velvet Throw – A Simple Solution to Decorate your Home

A beautiful home paves way for a calm and fresh mind. With velvet throw, enhancement of the overall appeal of the interior area of the house becomes quite an easy and creative task. Every nook and corner of the house has its own charisma and no big addition or elimination is required to bring about an overall change in the atmosphere. Following are the changed which will help in adding instant beauty to the house:



Simply adding a change in the color of the accessory serves all purposes. Cushions are the centerpieces of attraction and are available in various vibrant shades to serve all moods and atmosphere. Be it a jazzy shade for a party mode, a subtle hue for days of relaxation, or a combination of both, cushion colors play a major role in adding to the ambience. Various prints and marked cushions are also available which not only expressing the current mood status, but may also define one’s personality by reflecting the type of imprint on the surface.


From giant hugging bear kinds of small resting cushions, all of them have their own luxury feel and comfort. Often the size determines the mood status. On a rainy or a lazy day, nothing serves better than the body hugging or resting on a huge sized cushion with mugs of coffee. The overall appearance of the room can be imagined to be nothing less than magnificent. Playing with the size of the cushions can indeed bring about changes which may contribute in addition of a new look.


The material of the décor material I of utmost importance and cannot be ignored. Temperature and weather conditions determine the overall indoor décor of a place. While on a sunny day, one may prefer a light cotton fabric with a mild soft feel, a heavy faux fur or velvet material may be preferred on a winter evening. The richness of the interior often depends upon the material of the decoration articles used. The overall feel of the fabric proved contentment and adds to the beauty and appeal.

Shape and Design

The same old pattern can turn out to be boring. Sprucing up the sofa with new geometrical patterns can be fun. In kids’ area, several shapes and sizes of cushions can be combined together to add to the funky look. Designs include various wild end experiments, including animal print, carton print, nature print or several self personalized prints. A perfect combination of design and shape can turn a dead room alive.

A pile of cushions can play tremendous role in enhancing room décor. Whether be a meditation mode, party mode, study mode or simply a coffee made on a lazy day, cushions are vital and can bring about a positive toll on the body, mind and soul. Hence, choosing a perfect match for the lazy chair and sofa has become an art and a trending fashion statement. Small changes bring about greater results leading to overall contentment and adding beautiful wonders.


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