Renovate and Lend New Life to Your Living Room with Cushions

Our living room stands as a testimony of our personality and our taste to all those visiting our house. For all family members it is the place for all to gather and spend some utterly relaxing and quality time together. Thus the room must always be bright and cheerful. It also requires a change after some time to break the monotony and boredom. While changing furniture is not an option due to the high cost involved, the same can be achieved through various cushions, like throw cushions, pom pom cushions, seating cushions, decorative cushions etc. Let’s get some tips and tricks of giving your living room a new personality through highly affordable cushions –

Modern Look

Cushions are a terrific medium to add both color and texture to your living room. If your sofas have matching cushion, it’s time to add your master stroke to it. You can keep the matching color pattern but add texture to it with various cushion covers of the same material. Opting for pom pom covers, covers with frills, pleats and all other interesting textures can be added to create a highly appealing visual interest radiating warmth and personality. Else you can play with colors patterns sizes to create interesting patterns. For instance get a pair of solid cushions and pair them with patterned ones and probably add a pom pom in the middle. Playing with geometric patterns and even fabrics can lend a very artistic and sleek look to your living room!

Playing with shapes and sizes

Ensure that you are not purchasing all cushions with same size and shape since they will surely end up looking clinical and utterly boring! With cushions in varying shapes and sizes an interesting asymmetrical edge can be given to the living room décor. They can also be used in pairs to lend a very sophisticated but traditional sense of symmetry and order. Try taking odd numbers of pillows and lend them an eclectic look with few odd pillows arranged asymmetrically, the sky is the limit for your innovation.

The florals

Floral prints are the best way to add color, life and vibrancy to the interior décor. They work terrific with just about anything. You can easily combine them with solids, patterns and even with themselves. No matter how varied the floral prints are, they never clash with each other and always complement each other in varied ways. Decorating with the can be safe and great fun.

Uses of various types of cushions

Cushions are not restricted to sofas alone! Large square or round pieces can be thrown in front of the sofa and used as seating cushions for a card game or a carom board session! Throw pillows can be stacked just for the fun of throwing. It may also eliminate the need of an art piece to be placed! Changing the orientation of the cushions can also lend a terrific new and fresh vibe to your living room!

Once the art is mastered, you can continually impress everyone with your panache!


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