Cushion – A Small Accessory for a Great Interior

Jazzing up home with perfect décor is a common affair in the household. With the common trend of bringing upon small but frequent change in the interior of the house is becoming easier with a variety of accessories available. They are small and handy and bring about major changed which are instantly visible and are catchy and appealing to the eye. Playing with the various aspects of a cushion simply can help in adding to the overall beauty in the following ways:


Colors are the first element that grasps the eye attention leading to either a great feeling of greatness or a sense of dullness. Cushions are available in different colors ranging from the bright, catchy and electrified shade to bold, dark, dusky and strong color patterns. Depending upon the shade of the sofa, they can be perfectly combined or matched upon to create a desired environment and decor. They not only add to the character of the room, but will give a finishing touch and a sense of completeness to the room. Hence a great combination can serve a greater benefit for sure. While black and red are the bold shades of reflection of a sporty and strong environment, mild hues like sea green, sky blue or pink can be used in a calm environment demanding a relaxing time with a mug of coffee or a good reading material.


From hugging sized XXL ones to small resting size, cushions provide a huge array of selection. Space, ambience and the purpose demand for the exact size requirement of the cushion. Kids’ room is generally filled up with numerous small sized cushions which enhances bulk and adds to their comfort, whereas a reading area can suffice well with a huge sized cushion for resting head and enjoying ultimate relaxation therapy.


Traditional shapes of cushions now replaced by jazzy and creative multidimensional cushions. They are available in various ranges of variety. Cartoon shaped, numerical cushions, or cushions of various geometrical shapes are available. The shape too contributes a lot in bringing about a great change in the interior. Change in the shape may add style feature and add to the trending fashion statement.


With infinite number of patterns and prints, the cushion can be of endless varying style. Floral cushions are older, but classic designs which are widely liked and selected by majorities. Animal prints, sports- print, cartoon print, pop art cushions and striped cushions are few among the huge number of items available. They define and give a character to the room or the living area. They soothe the mind and add to the overall appeal of the area.


Fabric, velvet, polyester, silk and faux furs are some of the commonly used material. However the choice of material depends upon various factors, including the weather, the space available, the décor demanded, and environment required for a particular area. For a light and a free open area, a light fabric will be tremendously good while for a jazzy, well furnished area, a silk or a velvet material will enhance the look.


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