A Guide to Purchasing Oven Gloves

Hot items are handled with oven gloves. The food industry is blooming with the increasing demand in the area of the bakery where oven is the most important equipment. Aga oven gloves ensure safe handling of hot objects with ease and perfection. The temperature of the oven varies from industry to industry; some uses lower temperatures and some use extremely high ones ranging from 450 to 500 degree Celsius, apt for particular food items. Hence the following guide can be followed before purchasing an oven glove –

Identify the Need

The temperature that needs to be handled must be known before purchasing an oven glove. They come in two major varieties, the gloves and the mitts. Gloves have different sections for every finger and provide ease and comfort. On the other hand, mitts do not have a specific compartment for each of the fingers, but are great for using at higher temperature. This ensures using and gripping of hot objects and do not allow heat to flow into the hands. They are made up of flexible material with a separate thumb space, ensuring grip and secure hold of the hottest objects.


The size of the oven glove has to be kept in mind before purchasing one. Hand size varies and if a larger or a smaller size is purchased, there may be insufficient grip leading to major accidents and burns. Hence a good measure size of the palm should be matched with the size of the glove, dealing with hot objects and high temperature is a risky affair and utmost precaution is mandatory. The thumb size and the spacing between the fingers also vary in some of the gloves. This affects the quality of handling and gripping the hot objects. Any negligence will lead to great traumas


Quality is one issue that cannot be ignored and any negligence will definitely lead to unwanted consequences. . Oven gloves come in various qualities. They range from cheap quality materials to fine and multilayered product. Cheap ones will ensure heat protection, but up to a certain temperature after which they will have insufficient; layering and will allow conduction of heat. On the other hand, the good quality ones are resistant to heat and provide great insulation from heat at high temperatures. Teflon is one of the best materials. It increases the resistance to higher temperature and is ideal for use at bakeries of food industries. With great quality, follows great comfort and greater security.


Every appliance is a development of science and is designed for ease and comfort. Using proper handling techniques is advisable. Proper oven gloves are mandatory while dealing with oven and other equipments demanding temperature change. Using of home tools like tea towels can prove dangerous and can threaten life to some extent. Burn injuries and accidents are common affair due to improper grip and conduction of heat. A proper resistance to high temperature can only be provided by a good quality oven glove. Safety is one essential tool and all necessary instructions must be followed thoroughly.


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