Buying Guide For Throw Pillows – What You Need To Know

When it comes to buy accent pillows or throw pillows, it is a fun thing to do for sure, but it can also be a tricky one. Since there are so many different designs available in the market, both online and offline, you are sure to be confused as to what to buy, and what not to. Knowing what to avoid is a great way to start at first, and this starts by deciding which are the few colour choices that you have that goes with the room and furniture colour.

Make sure to find some inspiration from the objects that are placed in the room, so that the throw pillows look well aligned from the decorative point of view. The colour palette should be carefully considered, so that the throw pillows are of colours that complement the surrounding, colour of the room, and that of the furniture.

The texture and design of the throw pillows you buy would also make a lot of difference in the overall outlook, so make sure to decide on that after carefully visualising how it would look on your bed, sofa or chair, for whichever place you are buying throw pillows for. In terms of material, there are velvet throw pillows available and also in leather, cotton, silk and other materials. The cost of the throw pillows varies accordingly as well, but in general, cotton throw pillows are commonly used.

The shape of the throw pillows should also be considered, and while square are the most common, there are rectangular and circular shaped throw pillows available too. These pillows work all the same, but circular one can help provide lumbar support, while square and rectangular ones are used to make the bed or sofa feel more cosy and comfortable.

When purchasing throw pillows, do not hesitate to experiment a bit with the design, patterns and texture. Mixing the patterns and designs would help you tremendously with uplifting the look of your home, and also give it a modern look. This is because it is in trend these days to use contrasting colours and mixing patterns with solids and designs with stripes and vice versa.

Throw pillows you buy must also be fluffy and comfortable and must not be too hard. It would make it difficult to use them otherwise, and also the comfort factor won’t be there. Buying online is a good idea because it would help you choose from many different varieties and at a good price, without having to overspend.


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