Various Types of Cushions

Arabella-Pink-408x408[1]No comfortable life can be imagined without pillows and cushions. They are almost as important an accessory as the furniture used to decorate the room. Practically, they are used as a head rest or a soft pillow for extra comfort. However, of late, they have emerged as a colourful and fun way to add new dimensions to any home decor. They have become an economical way to add some vibrant splashes apart from being highly useful way to add extra seating or extra height as well. They are highly useful as a support to back, knees etc. Popular as soft furnishings, they are made of variety of materials and used in varied places. They provide great scope of experimentation with their colours, shapes and sizes. Let us look into some variety of cushions.

Bench cushions

These are placed on any hard seating areas like benches, porch swings, loveseats etc. These are specifically made to meet the size of the seat on which it is to be used. They make seating on flat hard seat both comfortable and soft. These are often made from fabrics which are sturdy and resistant to all kinds of colour fading, stains and any mold or mildew attack.

Chair cushions

Chair cushions are normally placed at the backrest to provide support to the back when the person is sitting on the chair. These cushions normally have strings to tie them to the back leg supports so that they do not move from their places.

Sofa cushions

These are most commonly used for luxurious support and enliven the living room décor. These show maximum versatility of fabrics, designs, styles, shapes, patterns and colors. Materials ranging from cotton, silk, polyester, Chenille, Suede, Taffeta etc are some popular fabrics. Of late pink velvet cushions are in great demand in various shapes and sizes to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room. The choice here depends exclusively on individual tastes and requirements.

Window seat cushion

Window seats are often made to enlarge the living space. The seating is made more comfortable with the window seat cushions. Additionally, they serve to enhance the entire interior designing by appropriate theme co-ordination. These cushions have abundant exposure to sunlight. Hence these are often made of materials which are durable as well as fade resistant.


These are generally functional and classic round cylindrical types meant to support the back of the neck or like baby crib bumpers. Manicotti pasta of pillows, these often add interest to any grouping of pillows. Super huge sizes are normally placed at the inside end of sofas, big wedding chairs, etc to make the seating comfortable or provide support to back.

Floor cushions

These are more oriented towards a Japanese style and firm terrific seating for low tables. Normally made of chenille or woven tapestry. Retaining their shape, they provide great comfort from wood, laminated or even carpeted floor.


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