Oven Gloves-A Kitchen Essential you Cannot do Without

Occasional cooks may handle hot objects using pot holders or any of kitchen rags but any serious cook cannot do without the very best Aga oven gloves. These are insulated gloves adorned by any kitchen worker to protect his/her hands from hot objects like ovens, stoves, hot cookware etc. These are not like normal mittens or gloves worn to protect from cold but are made from heavy duty heat-resistant materials which have high insulating power to protect the hands and fingers from heat and any potential burns. These are great not only for handling hot cookware directly from the oven but also from any accidental contact with hot ovens and stoves. They however, cannot provide protection against open flames or hot liquids.

Oven gloves are also sometimes called oven mitts. Unlike a regular glove, these do not have individual space for fingers but one large space for entire hand and fingers and a separate pocket for thumb. Another variety available is one without any thumb space but having just a large pouch to accommodate the entire hand. The design and material is such that it provides much flexibility to the wearer to handle hot objects with great ease.

Another popular item is the double oven gloves. These have a long strip of insulated material capped at each end of the gloves. This not only protects hands and firearms but also the entire body part in between. The wearer can position the long strip of insulated material according to his need such he is protected against the edges of hot pan. These are terrific for handling very large and heavy hot pans because of their extra protection. Often these have a single pouch design.

Though these serve a very practical function, they can be quite stylish and attractive. A plethora of designs and prints like festive prints, vintage prints, and floral prints are available for all to choose from. Shoppers even have the choice to match it with their kitchen décor.

As stated earlier, these are manufactured from a number of materials. An average home maker may find ones made of cotton utterly comfortable and well adept to meeting her requirements. Their outside is quilted with heavy weight cotton layers. The heat insulation inside is also of cotton which is fabricated into thick terry cloth. These can easily be washed in home when dirty and often have variety of bright colors, design, style, patterns etc. They normally have a separate thumb space.


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