Pink velvet Cushions – to make the room glow!

Ragged rose has many types and large variety of cushions and household items. Plain cushions, pompom cushions, velvet cushions and floral cushions are easily available at the ragged rose. These pompom cushions come in various exciting colours.

The Ragged Rose has a very special collection of pink velvet cushions, which are sure to steal away every girl’s heart. Not only this, they suit every theme perfectly and look great in your room as well. This have velvet fabric pile and is a type of pompom cushion. Other pompom cushions come in various different colours like white, black, red, blue, pink, purple, and many more. This velvet fabric pile covers the cushion at sides, the front and the back. It is made entirely from cotton and is of 0.8 kg weight. Its usual size is of 50 cm x 50 cm. It consists of a flame retardant polyfill inner pad. Machine wash can damage this cushion, and so only dry wash is recommended for it.

This cushion spreads a feeling of luxury and joy along with a tinge of simplicity and plainness. The way it looks and the way it reflects light is very appealing. It can be easily matched with sofa colours, bed sheets and other colours. It looks good with all other colours around, but looks best if a colour scheme is pre decided to somewhere near pink.

Ragged rose sells all these cushions at very affordable rates and in captivating designs. They also give an option for home delivery anywhere in the mainland of the United Kingdom. These cushions can be ordered right from their site itself. They are delivered in three to seven working days and they delivery charges are in accordance with the weight and number of items ordered. They also have an easy policy for returns and cancellations.


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