3 Bedroom Décor Ideas with Purple Cushions to Make an Exotic Statement

Bedrooms are meant to be a solaceful retreat from your busy work life. It’s a place where you can de-stress yourself and embrace the cosiness which surrounds your sleeping space. With so much importance attached to it, it’s only natural that you create a cocoon of calmness and contentment. Experimenting with natural tones, playing with textures or presenting an eclat appeal with natural wood; these are all great ideas but incomplete. You may think what could you be missing out. Presto – you forget to add the perfect punch of purple cushions!

Yes, to create dreamy bedrooms with regal shades, cushions having extravagant textures of damson and aubergine work wonders. They stimulate your senses and instill drama inside your bedroom.

purple cushions

If you are thinking of saving money, then having purple cushion again prove to be great additives. The colour associates with wealth and also exudes an exotic and opulent statement.

Some fresh ideas from designers to use purple bolsters in your bedroom

1. Mix Purple with Blush:

A superb combination. For any bedroom, mixing damson pillows with lilac pink cushions proves to be a wonderful combination. Incorporating both male and female appeal inside your sleeping space, you can also think of adding an Aida Patchwork Bedspread duck egg spread to your bed layer. That would account for a bolder bedroom appeal.

2. How about Purple with Patterns?

Another idea is mixing purple velvet pillows with floral cover bed linen set. Some good options could be black sets, pink and white roses set and floral cover sets. This will bring about a tropical theme to your bedroom and make resting all the more enjoyable.

3. Lavish purple pillows with a graphic aubergine paint effect:

Welcome a pile of purple pillows with deep purple painting to create that hunker down vibe. This rich colour plum brings about an appealing depth if you are looking for a trad with a twist décor scheme. Marry all this with a beautiful floral patchwork bed sheet to create a more soothing glow and a more enveloping feeling.

These are some fresh bedroom décor ideas with purple pillows that you can try out. Each of these décor items is available in reputable home décor websites. Plus, if you think of the expense, then don’t, as items at online stores are available at standard prices.

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Tips on Choosing Cushions for your Living Room

The living room is the central attraction of any home. We all want to make our living room a lively and beautiful place where we can spend some quality time with our family. On the other hand, the living room is the place where we welcome and entertain our guests. As the living room does so many duties, it is our job to make it as perfect as possible and choosing cushions for the living room is one of the most important responsibilities that you have to do very carefully to make sure that the cushions increase the value of your living room. Here we have brought some precious tips that can help you to choose right cushions for your living room:

Go For Color Contrasts

There are many people who prefer to buy sofa sets with matching cushions, but this is not recommendable at all. Cushions are a great way to add color and texture to your living room. When you are choosing the same color and design for your sofa and cushions, then you are spoiling the whole beauty of your room. Try to add some cushions that complement the color of a sofa or other color textures of your room. If you are using a light color for sofas,then you can also go for duck egg blue cushions.

duck egg blue cushions

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Brighten up Your Outdoor Space and Give it a Colourful Makeover

If you have a balcony or a backyard that has remained abandoned since you moved into the house, it might be time to give it a fun makeover. Summer can be more fun when you spend your time outdoors and breathe in the fresh air once in a while. Even if you aren’t sweet on gardening, who wouldn’t like lounging on comfortable outdoor seat cushions on a lazy summer afternoon, sipping on some chilled ice-tea? Check out some amazing ways in which you can brighten up your outdoor space:

Settle on Seating Options

The first thing that you have to do is pick a seating option that is most ideal for the space you are dealing with. The seating must be of the right size and be able to hold at least a couple of people. If you are not going for a refined outdoor look, any kind of wooden furniture or even crates will do!

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Importance of Using and Selecting the Best Oven Gloves

Irrespective of whether you are a diehard baker or a novice at baking, oven gloves are a mandatory piece of equipment. To prevent yourself from any burns and accidental falling of hot utensils, you need a sturdy piece of gloves like the Aga oven gloves.

Importance of wearing oven gloves

Baking activities are inherently strenuous, and oven gloves can be the handiest and essential equipment available. This is because of several factors like –

• Gloves protect your hand from the heat of the oven. If you are not wearing these gloves while taking out or inserting the baking trays, you are sure to scorch your hands which can be quite unpleasant and painful.

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Creative Ways to Decorate a Teen Girl’s Bedroom

Every teen girl loves to have her bedroom decorated stylishly while flaunting her personal choices, tastes, and even her personality! You can achieve this creatively without exorbitant cost while making the entire decoration fun all the way. It may carry a theme or be a nice assortment of mismatches to ooze a perfect imperfect vibe! Few innovative ideas for it are –

• Adding a canopy over the beds and adding light to it will not only create the magic of a princes’s room but will also be extremely functional and illuminate her bed well to read in bed just before retiring.

Pom pom cushions are a perfect addition to any young girl’s bed. They ooze a romantic, flirtatious and fun vibe while are extremely handy as additional support, to add some dramatic effect and just shriek about the young girl’s playful nature.

• Let the room make a stylish statement with lovely painted votives arranged on any shelf or even above the bed. Adding a candle or LED flames to it will enhance it dreamy, romantic vibe!

• Geometric pattern curtains are a perfect choice for any girl’s bedroom. They look fun without being chaotic and allow you plenty of flexibility in decorating the rest of the room.

• Mason jars are an awesome idea to use in her bathroom. Not only would it give her plenty of space to place all her toiletries but they look extremely adorable and chic.

• A folding screen can be a wonderful camouflage to the study area while making for a perfect item to make the room feel complete. It would be the right piece to take from old movies where girls used the screen for changing and bathing purpose.

• Give one of its walls a bold, dramatic color like blue, purple, red, maroon, etc. You can then decorate it with end number of items like photographs, wall hangings, picture frames, etc.

Across the curtains or on more innovative ways, the girl’s favorite memory photographs can be hanged in string lights or plain strings. They look extremely becoming and unique.

Know The Different Types Of Cushions – Give An Elegant Touch To Your Room

Cushion is a case that is available in a variety of material such as leather, plastic, cloth, or filled with soft materials like foam rubber, feathers, or air. By placing them over the seat makes it pleasure filled and soothing experience to sit on hard chairs.

Bench cushions

These types of cushions are suitable to be adopted for indoor as well as outdoor use. Bench floral cushions are best to be used in porch swings, patios, foyers, living room or anywhere around your house. These bench cushions are made with fabrics that are resistant towards stain, mould and fading of colour.

Window seat cushion

Window seat cushion is used to maximize the living space in a house. Adding these remarkable cushions customizes the overall appearance of a room. As window seat cushions are exposed to sunlight, one must ensure that they buy a good quality fade resistance cushion. These cushions come in different captivating designs to efficiently match the overall theme of the room.

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How To Select A Cushion That Is Both Stylish And Functional

Cushion in varying patterns, designs and colours make your furniture look special and captivating. Whether you want to render a traditional touch or contemporary touch to your room, an extensive collection of cushions designs can help you achieve that look.

Not only its classy appearance, the cushion is also needed to provide support and maintain the right posture. If you are planning to make a purchase of cushion then understanding its various aspects would provide you the right one.

Types of cushions

You would find numerous varieties of cushions on the market. They are available in different designs and materials. Some of the interesting patterns include floral patterns, yellow velvet cushion, silk cushions, duck feather cushions, etc.

Available in different colours, these cushions brighten up the room and impart elegance and beauty to the place. They are an indispensable requirement to make a place look perfect.

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Consider The Various Available Options In Outdoor Cushion Fabrics

Billy-Purple-New1-408x408Outdoor furniture is exposed to the harsh weather elements like heat, rain and winds. As such the furnishings and cushions placed on them tend to get damaged and faded. It is hence important to choose the right kind of materials for cushions to be placed out-of-doors.

In order to protect outdoor pillows from the natural elements, it is advisable to choose water-proof fabrics. In addition, fabrics which resist fading when exposed to sun (Fade-resistant) may also be preferred. It is also recommended to ensure that the filling in the cushions is waterproof or cannot absorb moisture, as this can make them last longer.

Types of outdoor cushion fabrics

There are several types of fabrics available, which may be used for cushions placed on patio furniture. Few of them include:

Cotton canvas

This is basically a woven fabric and a preferred choice for outdoor seat cushions. The fabric is durable and yet quite affordable. You can choose from amongst prints and solid colours, which have been pre-dyed. The biggest advantage of using this fabric is that customized designs may be painted on it using fabric colours.

Duck cloth

Also known as duck, cloth duck or duck canvas, this fabric is quite similar to cotton canvas. The difference lies in the tighter weave and smoother texture when compared with cotton canvas. The tighter weave makes it more durable than cotton canvas. However, the fabric cannot be customized, easily.


This fabric is made of woven polyester and also has a PVC coating. The fabric is flame retardant, mould & fade resistant as well as waterproof. These features make it extremely durable and well suited for garden cushions. However, being made of polyester, it may fail to provide the desired level of comfort.

Olefin fibre

The synthetic fibre also known as polypropylene is well suited for both cushion covers and inserts. It effectively resists wet weather, sun, heat and mould and may hence be used for garden seat pads.


Vinyl or PVC is quite popular as it is easy to maintain. It is durable but being made of plastic, often feels unpleasant and uncomfortable on the skin.

Besides selecting the right materials for outdoor cushions, it is also important to pay attention to other aspects like outdoor fabric slings and straps. While selecting materials for this purpose, it is advisable to evaluate their durability.

What are the Benefits of Using Oven Gloves? – Learn Some Facts

Fliss-Gold2-408x408When do you require oven gloves? – Learn about some of the situations

These days, most of us will require an oven because we all love easy cooking. However, whenever a meal is prepared, the tray gets extremely hot from the high temperatures inside the oven. That is why, you are required to have an object which will help you in taking out the stuff so that you do not burn yourself. Oven gloves come in handy in such situations.

They make sure that you do not burn your hand when taking out the tray from the oven. There are various kinds of oven gloves out there. However, the best so far is considered to be Aga oven gloves, which is a double-sided glove for extra convenience. Such gloves are available in a variety of materials and designs. You can choose the one which you like the most.

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4 Simple Ways to Have a Memorable Christmas Dinner

Everyone loves festive season because it is full of joy, happiness and bless.  The occasion becomes happier when the decoration of the atmosphere adds on it. Decoration is always loved by people as it brings you the feeling of how blessed you are. The dinner table seems to be the most awaited moment in the Christmas. Everybody is keen to taste delicious dishes. Your relatives and friends will love this Christmas and will never forget it, if you try the given ways to make Christmas memorable.

Dinner table looks empty without a beautiful Christmas table cloth. You may not choose very shiny table cloth but something, which is appropriate for festive season.  The table cloth must suit the occasion it should not be dull. Numerous types of table clothes are available according to festive themes and cloth material. One can choose according to their likes.

Dishware is one important thing that will help to create the festive atmosphere. When there is a special occasion plan something unusual as a surprise. Your dishware may not be new depending on your budget but try not to use traditional dishware instead use chinaware and so on.

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